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Rapper D-Nice Makes An Awesome Mix For New Movie The Wackness

As you guys may have noticed, I’m not the biggest fan of Hip-Hop, er new Hip-Hop at least. So when I spotted this old school mixtape by D-Nice, one time member of the brilliant group Boogie Down Productions, over at GvB, I had to give it a spin. Just reading the tracklist got me excited. Produced for the new film The Wackness, a story about sex, drugs and music set in the year 1994, the mix features classics from BDP, Black Moon, and Craig Mack (he also throws in a Lou Reed curveball). It’s like 9th grade all over again! Love it. Here’s the tracklist and link to the download:

1. Intro (Heath Brothers – Smiling Billy Suite)
2. Nas – “One Love”
3. The Notorious BIG – “The What” Feat. Method Man
4. Lou Reed – “Walk On The Wild Side”
5. A Tribe Called Quest – “Can I Kick It”
6. KRS-One – “I Can’t Wake Up”
7. Stanley Turrentine – “Sister Sanctified”
8. BDP – “My Philosophy”
9. Black Moon – “How Many Emcees”
10. O.C. – “Time’s Up”
11. Craig Mack – “Flavor In Ya Ear”
12. Group Home – “Supa Star”
13. Biz Markie – “Just A Friend”
14. Freddie Scott – “(You) Got What I Need”
15. Wendy Rene – “After Laughter (Comes Tears)”
16. Wu-Tang Clan – “Tearz”
17. Ahmad Jamal Trio – “I Love Music”
18. Nas – “The World Is Yours”

MP3 Download: D-Nice – The Wackness Official Movie Soundtrack Mixtape (33 MB)

The official soundtrack is available on Amazon.

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Exclusive Interview: Asobi Seksu Discusses New Album and More!


The Brooklyn band Asobi Seksu, (Japanese for “playful sex”) comprised of Yuki Chikudate (vocals, instrumentation), James Hanna (various instruments) and friends is one of our favorites here at The Walrus. Often compared to My Bloody Valentine, their melodic, ethereal noise-pop certainly has it’s roots in late-80’s/90’s Shoegaze, but its beauty is timeless.

I recently had a chance to speak with Yuki about the in-progress follow-up to 2006’s excellent album Citrus, as well a few other points of interest. Check it out:


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New Music From Deerhunter – “Oh, It’s Such a Shame” (Jay Reatard Cover)

What’s better than Deerhunter’s newest album, Microcastle? Oh, I don’t know, maybe Deerhunter covering Jay Reatard’s “Oh, It’s Such a Shame” from his last album Blood Visions? Yes!

As we mentioned previously, the two have teamed up to cover each other’s songs on Jay’s latest Matador 7″. The Deerhunter version does the brooding original justice, with some added, even darker flavor. The extra 2 minutes of freak out makes it feel like it could easily fit on their newest record…and that’s certainly nothing to be ashamed about.

Pick up the the limited edition Jay Reatard/Deerhunter split 7″, which also features Jay covering Deerhunter’s “Fluorescent Grey,” from Matador.

Deerhunter – Oh, It’s Such a Shame (Jay Reatard Cover)

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Disco Nugget: The Golden Filter – “Solid Gold”

When I saw this song by unsigned New Yorkers The Golden Filter posted on Disco Dust, I was immediately reminded of the 80’s show Solid Gold, which featured the Solid Gold dancers sporting golden garbs and performing their overly dramatic and silly dance moves to the era’s biggest hits. Thankfully, this “Solid Gold” plays it much cooler, with rad Moroder style production and sexy calculator synths that would give Kraftwerk a boner.

Stream another song from The Golden Filter on their MySpace page.

The Golden Filter – Solid Gold

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Is The New Mercury Rev Single “Sense on Fire” a Sign of Weirder, More Hard-Edged Things to Come?

Once upon a time, Mercury Rev were a band that were constant evolving musically. Their music began as highly psychedelic, avant-garde prog-rock (see landmark albums like Yourself is Steam, Boces and See You On the Other Side). Each album was progression from the previous one. In 1998, they evolved once again and released their most commercial, yet their most focused album to date, Deserter’s Songs (think Soft Bulletin before Soft Bulletin).

However, from then on they ceased to evolve, sinking into a “soft and safe adult contemporary period” over the course of their next two albums, both of which sounded like bland attempts to re-kindle the magic of Deserter’s Songs.

But wait! There may be a light at the end of this tunnel of melancholy! The first song released from the band’s upcoming album Snowflake Midnight has no verses! That’s not what I would call playing it safe! “Senses on Fire” is a spacey mixture of Yourself is Steam, Boces and All is Dream, led solely by a relentless chorus. Is this a sign that the weird, hard-edged Rev is back? The album title sounds wussie-ish, but kind of weird! Something tells me these dudes still have it in em. Plus, anything with the words “on fire” in it is a good start. Fingers crossed.

Snowflake Midnight will be released on 9/29 along with, get this, another album…for free…called Strange Attractor. SO WEIRD. (Hey, it also has the word “strange” right there in the title. Wooo!). Both are being released courtesy of Yep Roc.

Mercury Rev – Senses on Fire

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Watch This: New Lilys Documentary Teaser Trailer

For those of you who know of Kurt Heasley and his ever-changing Boston/Philly band The Lilys, then you know that his story is definitely worthy of a documentary. Well, guess what? Someone named Ian agrees with you and has started making a doc on the man and his band, entitled Everything Wrong is Imaginary. Here’s the teaser:

Looks good so far (despite the 3-4-10’s error). No release date has been announced yet. If you aren’t yet familiar, do yourself a huge favor and get to know the brilliant music of The Lilys by visiting “their” MySpace page.

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On Repeat All Day: Windmill’s “Tokyo Moon”

Cheers to Some Velvet Blog for reminding me of this gem from the UK’s Windmill aka Matthew Thomas Dillon, which was released last year on his debut album Puddle City Racing Lights. It has the same vocal fragility as early Mercury Rev, though slightly more frazzled, and bombastic drum sound sound as mid-era Flaming Lips, with lyrics that are a million times more cryptic. Perhaps the video will clear things up:

Nope, now I’m more confused and a little sad. It’s still a great song though.

Windmill’s album is available now from Insound.

Windmill – Tokyo Moon

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Grace Jones’ New Video for “Corporate Cannibal” is the Scariest thing Ever!

The video for Graces Jones‘ new single “Corporate Cannibal” may be the scariest thing I have seen in a while. Consider this, anything featuring Grace Jones is visually intense by nature. However, a video of her being manipulated by some weird image stretching filter (aka Apple’s photobooth will never be the same!) and singing a satirical and totally evil electronic song with lyrics about being a man-eating machine, well then you’ve just landed somewhere between Massive Attack and Satan’s doorstep. Bottom line? There is nothing scarier than liquidy Grace Jones:


Run for your lives! Quick, let’s watch the Feist on Sesame Street video again! Ah, much better…

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Video: Feist Performs “1234″ on Sesame Street; Elmo Swoons

In some cases, a band or an artist altering their song for the tikes and performing it on Sesame Street may come off badly, but not in this case. The kiddie version of Feist’s “1234″ is actually more charming than the original. God, I love this woman.

Feist’s newest album The Reminder is available now at Insound.

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Go To This: Jay Reatard, Dark Horse & the Carousels, Tough Shits Tonight @ JB’s

Got a case of the Mondays? Well, there’s no better way to kill the work-week blues than enjoying an evening of no-frills garage-rock tonight at Johnny Brenda’s.

Two local favorites Dark Horse and The Carousels and The Tough Shits get rowdy with Memphis vet and nu-punk poster-boy Jay Reatard. It’ll be a night of ear-splitting, blood-pumping rock and roll that you’ll be glad to tell your grand-kids about.

Get tickets here, or tonight at the door.

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Starfucker’s Gonna Give it To You…And You’re Gonna Love It

On “German Love” Portland trio Starfucker (good name!) are either seriously determined to have sex with German girls or are really amazing at mixing the spaciness of Moon Safari-era Air with the twee-pop mastery of Tone Soul Evolution-era Apples in Stereo and creating serene pocket-pop with a cool blast of 90’s charm. Either way, the song is a hit.

Starfucker’s s/t debut will be available on Badman Records in September.

Starfucker – German Love

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Awesome Video Alert: Flairs – “Better Than Prince’

Jonas & Francois, the brilliant directors behind Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E” and the brilliant Kavinsky “Testarossa Autodrive” videos are back with another cool, graphic video for “Better Than Prince” by French electro-funk producer Flairs.

The press release details the creative process as: “Handmade, 3000 paper sheets, a simple printer-computer & scanner trio, and 7 black ink pencils.” The song is definitely silly and the video is beautifully crafted, entertaining and surreal. Check it:

The “Better Than Prince” 12″ and mp3 download are available now on Kompakt.

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