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New MP3: Memory Tapes – “Walk Me Home”


Created for, this new 17 minute instrumental track from Memory Tapes is the soundtrack to your haunted Halloween.

{MP3} Memory Tapes – “Walk Me Home”

More Tapes stuff after the jump…


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British Synth-Pop Documentary, Synth Britannia, on BBC Four

From early electronic pioneers like Wendy/Walter Carlos, Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder to mainstream mega-stars Depeche Mode, the new BBC Four documentary, Synth Britannia, surveys the origins and escalation of British electronic music and what is now considered “modern dance pop”. Watch the trailer above.

Since Comcast doesn’t offer BBC Four in my current package (surprise surprise) and the documentary isn’t available online for people in the States and other countries, I was forced to track this down on a torrent. I’m glad I did. It was fun to listen to ground-breaking musicians like Daniel Miller, Philip Oakey and Throbbing Gristle reminisce about the early days of synth-pop and industrial music–not to mention seeing all the great fashion!

Despite the fact that the film totally neglects Eno’s brilliant and influential solo work, it covers a nice amount of ground and is a great primer for folks looking to be both educated and entertained on the subject.

BONUS: If you are looking to go back further on the German side of things, check out Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution, which you can stream for free, in it’s entirety using Veoh’s new web player.

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MP3: Gustaf Heden & Distracting Noises – “Goldmine”


Gustaf Heden’s “Goldmine” is a joyful, charismatic tune that lives up to its title and makes you want to jump right into the recording and join the chorus.

{MP3} Gustaf Heden & Distracting Noises – “Goldmine”

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Video: Little Dragon – “Swimming”

This Little Dragon video is rad in part because of the sketchy, morphing illustration style, but also because Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano’s father created it. Quite a unique song as well.

Look out for new album Machine Dreams, out now on Peacefrog.

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MP3: White Car – “Not Right”


Found this on Arawa and I was immediately intrigued. Chicago’s White Car rides the post-industrial dark wave with stinging synths and haunted vocals. Something that sounds this right can’t be not right…

{MP3} White Car – “Not Right”

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New MP3: Matias Aguayo – “Rollerskate” (Radio Edit)


I’m loving the wobbly bounce and psychedelic barber-shop harmonies of  Matias Aguayo’s “Rollerskate”. Rolla Rolla Skate Skate Rolla Rolla. Four wheels or blades?

{MP3} Matias Aguayo – “Rollerskate” (Radio Edit)

From his upcoming album Ay Ay Ay.

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Video: Gatekeeper – “Optimus Maximus”

As All Hallow’s Eve approaches, get in the mood with this new Gatekeeper video directed by Tommy Boy. The eerie, Carpenter soundscapes are visualized in a blaze of ritualistic film footage and non-sequitur dream sequences. Freaky!

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MP3: Solid Space – “A Darkness in My Soul” (1982)


As you can see, I have been digging around for some older stuff and trying to expand my horizons lately. I came across this gem earlier today and I’m loving it. It’s an atmospheric synth-pop tune reminiscent of Suicide and Cocteau Twins, originally found on the British band’s only tape release Space Museum. Beautiful melancholia.

{MP3} Solid Space – “A Darkness in My Soul”

Download the full tape from NLFM.

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MP3: Chandra – “Kate” (1980)


Check out this rad post-punk tune recorded in Philly by 12 year old (at the time) Chandra and The Model Citizens (who later became The Dance).

{MP3} Chandra – “Kate”

Here’s how her MySpace page describes it: “It all started with Chandra Oppenheim. At the early age of 10 she started writing her own songs. Dennis Oppenheim, father and artist, encouraged her to record these songs with infamous New York noise makers The Model Citizens (who later became The Dance). In 1980 Chandra, now 12, went into a Philadelphia studio to record her disco infused post-punk manifesto. The world from her eyes with music crafted from the borders of every genre. An unparalleled listening experience.”

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Music That Inspires Phoenix

Watch and listen as Phoenix play and discuss music that they enjoy and have been inspired by.

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Free Mix From Urban Outfitters


UO is offering up some cool tracks including Walrus favs The XX, Kurt Vile, The Big Pink and A Place to Bury Strangers. Download it from iTunes (direct link)

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Decemberists Collaborate With Filmmakers For Here Come The Waves: The Hazards of Love Visualized

I’m not a fan of The Decemberists, but this “collaboration between the band and four filmmakers, Guilherme Marcondes, Julia Pott, Peter Sluszka and Santa Maria — each of whom have created an animation to accompany a section of the music.” looks really rad.

The Decemberists will perform the entire piece synchronized with the animation, as well as an additional second set of older and newer material at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles on October 19. If you go, leave some thoughts in the comments.

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