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New Video: These New Puritans – “We Want War”

I’ve been wondering what happened to These New Puritans and here they are with this new slow-motion happy video for their new single, “We Want War”. an epic Liars-esque track.

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New MP3: Liars – “Scissor”


New Liars! Godammit, I love this band. Grab this mp3, while you wait for their upcoming (and awesome) full length, Sisterworld, due out in March on Mute.

{MP3} Liars – “Scissor”

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Watch Asobi Seksu Talk to Art in the Age, Perform Hope Sandoval Cover “Suzanne”

Here’s an interview I conducted with Asobi Seksu for Art in the Age, after they played a beautiful acoustic session in the store. Watch it below, along with a sweet performance of Hope Sandoval’s “Suzanne”…

Check out a clip of “New Years” over at Art in the Age’s blog.

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Free Album Download: ATL RMX – Atlanta Rappers Remixed By Memory Tapes, HEALTH, Salem, Prefuse 73 and More


Here is an awesome treat from the folks at Adult Swim – a free remix album featuring some of the best electronic artists of the moment remixing Atlanta area hip hop. The results are pretty amazing. Here’s my favorite track from the album (surprise, surprise it involves Memory Tapes…)

{MP3} Dem Getaway Boyz – “Imma G” (Memory Tapes Remix)

Download the full album + artwork for free HERE.

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Favorites of 2009


It was a great year for music, in my opinion. Here’s a list of albums and songs that I loved this year. If you haven’t previously heard something on the list, take a chance and give it a listen. And please, let me know some of your own favorites in the comments!

***********Favorite Albums***********

Memory Tapes – Seek Magic {MP3 Download: “Plain Material”} {Buy It}
The most fully realized and beautiful electronic album of the year. Former Hail Social-er Dayve Hawk combines his previous projects Memory Cassette and Weird Tapes into one interstellar, electro funk classic.

The xx – The xx {MP3 Download: “Basic Space”} {Buy It}
I once heard this album described as Young Marble Giants crossed with Sade, but there is something more unique about it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s unlike most music in today’s current indie climate. Or perhaps it’s because it’s genuinely fragile and honest – qualities that are sometimes lacking in said climate.

Sun Airway – Oh, Naoko EP {Free EP Download}
This self-released EP from Philly duo Jon Barthmus and Patrick Marsceill is a romantic and extremely detailed mini-masterpiece of electronic beauty. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more about these guys in the near future…

Micachu and the Shapes – Jewellery {MP3 Download: “Just In Case” } {Buy It}
A debut album like this should not be overlooked. Micachu is a brilliant new talent who has, for my money, made the most adventurous pop album of the year.

The Big Pink – A Brief History of Love {MP3 Download: “Dominoes” } {Buy It}
The Big Pink’s debut contains one pulverizing anthem after another. It’s a mix of brooding industrial tones and aggressive guitars set against somber, yet soaring vocals. They recently killed it at Johnny Brenda’s during their first US tour. This band could get huge.

Various Artists – Not Given Lightly: A Tribute To the Giant Golden Book Of New Zealand`s Alternative Music Scene {Video: It’s a Musical – “All My Hallowness To You” (Tall Dwarfs Cover)} {Buy It}
Thomas Morr, owner of Morr Music likes to invite his label’s artists to create tribute albums for the music he loved growing up. While previous comps payed tribute to one band (Morrissey, Slowdive), this one pays tribute to an entire scene. New Zealand’s ’80s DIY scene (Flying Nun Records…) set the stage for what we now know as “indie-rock” in the classic sense. Here, the music of groundbreaking artists like The Bats, The Chills and Chris Knox is re-imagined with an electronic edge by established and new bands on Morr’s label. The second half of the comp features new material from those new bands.

Kurt Vile – Childish Prodigy {MP3 Download: “Overnite Religion”} {Buy It}
Our own hometown Lou Reed. All aboard “The Freak Train”!

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix {Video: “1901″} {Buy It}
In what sounds like the culmination of 8 excellent music making years, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is a bold and electrifying release that only becomes more enjoyable upon repeated listens.

Stegosaurus Trap – Miniature Maze {MP3 Download: “Broken Castles”}
This one came out of nowhere and blew my mind. It’s a purely DIY statement of beautiful psych-folk music. The album was being offered for free through his MySpace page, but the link seems to be down. Message him directly on there and ask for it.

Taken By Trees – East of Eden {MP3 Download: “Watch the Waves”} {Buy It}
Lovely, Eastern tinged-pop from the former singer of The Concretes. It also features a brilliant cover of Animal Collective’s “My Girls”, re-titled “My Boys”.

Nurses – Apple’s Acre {MP3 Download: “Caterpillar Playground”} {Buy It}
Often thrown into the freak-folk category, Nurses’ sample-heavy, back-woods psychedelia transcends the genre with a warm and warped grin.

Julian Casablancas – Phrazes For the Young {Stream: “11th Dimension”} {Buy It}
Simply put, this should’ve been the second record from The Strokes.

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post-Pavillion {Video: “Summertime Clothes”} {Buy It}
The enigmatic Baltimore crew steps up their game for their most accessible and realized album to date.

Fontän – Winterhwila {MP3 Download: “Early Morning”} {Buy It}
A mix of Swedish pop, English prog and imaginary film soundtracks from a couple of brilliant musicians on the same label as Studio. Mesmerizing and painfully overlooked.

Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport {Video: “Surf Solar”} {Buy It}
If Brian Eno’s music has evolved into noisy trance, this would be the result. What’s more awesome is this interview they did with Joe from Breakfast at Sulimay’s!

Bat For Lashes – Two Suns {Video: “Daniel”} {Buy It}
What beats Natasha Khans angelic and mystical voice when it’s met with sweeping electronic arrangements? Yep, you guessed it. Nada!

Metric – Fantasies {MP3 Download: “Satellite Mind”} {Buy It}
Oh really, Metric? Are you really going to come back after a 4 year hiatus and blow my mind with a kick-ass stadium rock record? Yes? Well, good because I’m loving it.

Favorite songs after the jump…


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New MP3: Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band’s New Holiday Song, “Inuit”


Here’s a nice surprise from my favorite Seattle band Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band. It’s a beautiful, low-key tune that takes the listener in a slightly different. more orchestral direction than the band’s previous work. I’m digging it.

{MP3} Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band – “Inuit”

(via LA Weekly)

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Video: Phoenix Do “1901″ Live On the Streets of Paris

This vid from La Blogotheque is so good! I love the the newlyweds watching the performance…

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A 1967 Fan Letter From David Bowie


David Bowie writes a hand-typed response to a 14 year-old fan in 1967. He had just changed his last name to Bowie and did not feel the need to tell her why! He did, however, answer some of her other questions and tried to impress her with his newly acquired American slang words like “wiat”. Wait. What? Eh, who cares! David Bowie is soooo dreamy!

Read it in plain text after the jump…


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Watch Scenes From The Wraith Set to Kavinsky’s “Dead Cruiser”

This is so badass. The classic sci-fi b-movie The Wraith fits PERFECTLY with French synth-zombie Kavinsky’s epic and sinister “Dead Cruiser”.

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Watch Cookie Monster Sing Backup for Rammstein

Yes, seriously (well, almost). NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN!

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