A Visit to a CAN Inspired Shop in Copenhagen (PHOTOS)


Last Friday, while in Copenhagen representing LIV, I ventured over to the Vesterbro and visited CAN – a shop like none other. Named after the experimental German rockers, owner Martin curates the small but fashionable store with limited edition artist apparel and italo disco, art-rock and funk vinyl. There is even a high-end knitted sweater inspired by the cover of the band’s 1975 album Ege Bamyasi and designed by The Inoue Brothers for sale. Check out photos, as well as some classic live footage of the band after the jump…







BONUS: B-boys break-dancing to “Vitamin C” by CAN!

Cheers to Martin for inviting me in for a fun music listening session and for directing me to the cool bars in Copenhagen later that night. If you are ever in the city, definitely make it a priority to stop by his shop.

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