Annnd we’re back…with a slightly different format and weekly sponsors! This week’s Blubber is brought to you by Jesus Lip Balm.

Phoenix do a video interview for Walmart, and still manage to maintain their respect. Yep, by all accounts these dudes have “sold out”, yet they just keep getting more awesome.

Thom Yorke debuted some new songs in LA with his new band that includes Flea and Radiohead will be recording a new album this winter.

Guns N’ Roses gets sued by a shoegaze/electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss for unauthorized sampling of his music on Chinese Democracy. So weird.

Kraftwerk will be remastering their entire catalog + releasing a new album in 2010. They are (still) the robots, doot doot do-doot…

• Read a wrap-up if the Future of Music Policy Summit 2009. Your career may just depend on it.

• Good news from the Beastie Boys camp, Adam Yauch is feeling much better.

• Two things that were meant to go together: Rock stars and kittens. OBVIOUSLY!

• The first screener sent to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences this week was Anvil! The Story of Anvil. PLEASE NOMINATE THIS FILM!!!

Kanye West is releasing a Glow in the Dark tour book. Hey, Kanye, Imma let you finish…eh nevermind.

Brian Wilson is set to complete unfinished Gershwin songs. Will he make ‘ol George SMILE up in heaven?

No Age designed their own “Vegan High-Tops” for Subpop. Not bad…

• Don’t call it a “Grunge book”, but Thurston Moore is releasing a book about Grunge…Huh?

Animal Collective have a new EP on the way.

Memory Tapes, quite possibly the best electronic musician in Jersey, has offered up the 20-minute Seek Magic instrumental bonus disc for free. Thank you, sir.

Park the Van and Art in the Age are offering up free music from Spinto Band and Generationals, along with artist tees to some lucky followers on Twitter. You can also win tickets to their upcoming show by entering the AITA in-store raffle. Get to it!

{Blubber is a weekly round-up of music links from around the web including news, mp3s, videos and more. It’s the extra fat that helps The Walrus stay warm. For more music links follow The Walrus on Twitter and Facebook}

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