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Vintage RadioShack Answering Machine Messages


In the early days of voicemail aka answering machines, RadioShack (now trying to call itself “The Shack” in a sad attempt to be hip) offered up this fun cassette tape to give your outgoing message a little more charm and personality. Have a listen:

{MP3} Vintage RadioShack Answering Machine Messages Side A

Grab the instrumental only Side B from WFMU (One the best music blogs on the net, hands down!) And if you are hungery for more old school RadioShack fun, check out Wired’s recent article, “The Lost Tribes of RadioShack“.

(via The Unusual Times)

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The Physical Recreation of the Dark Side Of The Moon Logo

What’s better than staring at the cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon while high? Experiencing the logo in 3-dimensional glory hoisted in front of you. However, like most of us, if you weren’t lucky enough to witness the monument of ’70s psychedelia in person, you can watch the video version. Still rad.

“Sky Arts, a British television channel, recreated the iconic logo from the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon in real life last October. The piece of art used lights, lasers, and smoke and was set up on Primrose Hill in London.”

(via Neatorama)

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Robert Moog Gets His Own Beer


Legendary electronic music pioneer Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog Synthesizer, who passed away in 2005, has received a hoppy tribute — in the form of a new beer. Check it out:

Asheville Brewing Company and the Bob Moog Foundation are proud to announce the launch of the limited edition Moog Filtered Ale, a pale beer named in honor of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog. The beer will be available beginning May 27, 2010 at the Foundation’s fundraising event, Moogus Operandi featuring synthesizer wizard Erik Norlander. All profits from the sale of the beer will be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation to benefit their projects. The beer is being released in conjunction with Bob’s May 23 birthday.

Moog Filtered Ale will be be distributed nationally and internationally in 22-ounce bottles through Asheville’s Bruisin’ Ales and will be available on tap in various locations throughout Western North Carolina. The beer will be sold from May 27 through July 31, after which it will no longer be available.” (Moog Foundation)

The brewery’s description:

“Moog Filtered Ale is an American-style pale ale with distinctive notes of caramel and pine. It’s a very accessible beer that reflects the Moog legacy. I’ve been a fan of Bob Moog since college, and I am excited to present a beer in honor of an American pioneer,” says Doug Riley, brewer and part owner of the Asheville Brewing Company.

Mmmmm tastes electronicky…

(via Daily Swarm)

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R5 Productions iPhone App


R5 Productions, purveyors of indie shows in Philadelphia, have just released a new iPhone app to accompany their recent website redesign. It’s a free, handy little interaface that gives you a listing of upcoming R5 shows at various venues throughout the city (in list form and cover-view form), the ability to search for shows, bookmark shows, purchase tickets and retrieve venue information including directions. In the next version it would be nice to have the ability to filter by venue and hear music samples, but so far so good.

Get the app here.

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Unearthed: Roger Ebert’s Sex Pistols Movie Script “Who Killed Bambi?”


Just days after Malcom McLaren’s funeral, the practically voiceless film critic Roger Ebert is giving lip service to those who have always wondered what he had in mind for the unfinished 1970s Sex Pistols film – intended to be a punk rock Hard Day’s Night featuring the band and directed by cult-filmmaker Russ Meyer. Watch the clip below (0:00 – 3:18) featuring interviews and the only finished sequence from the film.

Here is what Ebert had to say yesterday on his blog:

This, for the benefit of future rock historians, is the transscript of a screenplay I wrote in the summer of 1977. It was tailored for the historic punk rock band the Sex Pistols, and was to be directed by Russ Meyer and produced by the impresario Malcolm McLaren. It still carried its original title, “Anarchy in the U.K.,” although shortly after I phoned up with a suggested title change, which was accepted: “Who Killed Bambi?” I wrote about this adventure in my blog entry McLaren & Meyer & Rotten & Vicious & me. Discussions with Meyer, McLaren and Rene Daalder led to this draft. All I intend to do here is reprint it. Comments are open, but I can’t discuss what I wrote, why I wrote it, or what I should or shouldn’t have written. Frankly, I have no idea.

Read the full draft on Ebert’s blog.

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Friday Fun: Rare Pics of Influential Musicians


“Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie.” – Kraftwerk

More after the jump…


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Nirvana On Ice!

American figure skater Scott Williams doesn’t go for the gold…he goes for the grunge…as he figure skates to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. In the immortal words of the brilliant and beautiful Atousa Farahani…this is “Punk as fuck.”


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Friday Fun: Videotape Editing With Julia Child

Watch as the iconic chef Julia Child demos how to edit a video of an orchestra with just a few simple cooking/baking utensils and some chewing gum. Make sure the string section isn’t too stringy!

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MGMT’s New Album Cover…


…is pretty awesome (in a Cool World sort of way). More info on the record HERE.

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Friday Fun: Record Tripping


Record Tripping is an audio-based interactive puzzle game that is both quirky and entertaining. You can use a scroll mouse to manipulate vintage audio pieces and down-tempo beats while simultaneously attempting to complete an assortment of beautifully animated, whimsical puzzles. So much fun!


(via Buzzfeed)

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The Other Wilco


Yankee Hotel Cable Foxtrot?

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Friday Fun: Records Made of Chocolate

Two great things that go great together! Add more corny cliches in the comments…

(Thanks to Julie for the find.)

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