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On Repeat: Broadcast Singer Trish Keenan’s “Mind Bending Motorway Mix”


Many musicians were inspired and influenced by the amazing music created by Trish Keenan and Broadcast before her untimely passing. Lucky for us, an amazing mixtape full of obscure, psychedelic gems, which inspired her, has been posted by Joe Muggs of Arts Desk:

“A friend in Birmingham who had become good friends with Keenan in recent years has passed me THIS LINK for a “mixtape” she gave him very recently. It’s the most wonderful collection of psychedelic rarities, film music and synthesiser experiments, and perfectly illustrates Keenan’s constant mission to turn people on to exquisite and unusual sounds – but also, as the tracks are not titled, shows the sense of mystery and incentive to investigate with which she imbued all her work.”..“To quote my friend David:Before she went to Australia Trish sent me a mix CD of bonkers pop music she compiled, I never thanked her. It’s called Mind-Bending Motorway Mix and I want to share it with you, please pass the link on, share it far and wide, it’s a little tribute to an (as a friend referred to her today) exhilarating woman…”

(via Dangerous Minds)

Also, check out this great Trish Keenan/Broadcast tribute show, which aired Sunday on WMUH (Muhlenberg College Radio in Allentown, PA)

{MP3} Trish Keenan Memorial Show on WMUH pt. 1
{MP3} Trish Keenan Memorial Show on WMUH pt. 2

Thanks, Jeff!

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The Walrus Mix Series Vol. 3


{MP3} The Walrus Mix Series Vol. 3 (via Mediafire)


Klaus Nomi – “Keys of Life”
Simple Minds – “Calling Your Name”
Xeno & Oaklander – “Rendez-Vous dOr”
Cosmetics – “Sleepwalking”
Shock – “Angel Face”
King Kong – “Fight with the Devil”
Active Child – “I’m in Your Church at Night” (School of Seven Bells Remix)
Blank Dogs – “End of Summer”
Chrome – “Electric Chair”
Moskow – “The Man From UNCLE”
The Truth – “System Thinking”
Deux – “Game and Performance”
Angie B. – “Plastic Doll”
Wish Key – “Orient Express”

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Electronic Music in Texas: Tommy Boy’s Love Triangle Mix


FACT: The electronic music scene is growing in Texas and Tommy Blackburn aka Tommy Boy, video director (Telepathe, CFCF) and purveyor of obscure electronic music, is letting the world know with a rad mixtape that he created for Vice UK. Here is what he had to say about it:

“When Vice UK asked for a submission, I knew I had to share the sound that can only be found right here in my home state of Texas. I am fortunate to live in a place where so many of my peers are creating the kind of music I love. When most kids are worrying about how the grass is greener elsewhere, these bands are working hard to make where they are where they want to be…This mix is made up of current Texas synth-based projects and covers many genres, from industrial EBM to techno, leftfield disco to electro, deep house to minimal wave and even a little screwgaze for good measure.”



1. George Quartz – “Coconut”
2. Phantastes – “Flight of Stares”
3. Darktown Strutters - “Silver Bullet”
4. Indian Jewelry – “Same Mistake Man”
5. Corporate Park – “Intimate Precision”
6. //TENSE// – “Versus Man (TX Love Remix 2010)”
7. Seth Nemec – “Count Zero”
8. Jake Schrock – “Trigon”
9. E.R.P. (aka Convextion) - “Frozen Volatiles”
10. DYX - “Lips in the Darkness (feat. Press-On)”
11. Submersible Machines – “Riding Theta Waves”
12. Missions – “Phantasy”
13. Medio Mutante – “Transit (Demo)”
14. MVSCLZ – “Fascination (Across The Nation)”
15. R9 – “Dreamdance”
16. edrupt – “M-U-S-I-K”
17. betdat – “Nex (Radio Edit)”
18. MKF KÜNST – “Venga (TX Love Remix 2010)”
19. Berliner Eins - “Nite Life”
20. Twisted Wires – “Hell”
21. Low Red Center – “Historic Edition”
22. S U R V I V E - “White Clouds”
23. Future Blondes – “NIGHT ANALYSIS (Oppenheimer Analysis “Behind the Shades” RMX)”
24. Psychic Violence – “U is Moon”
25. How I Quit Crack – “Gone Away”
26. xix – “1111(v7)”

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The Walrus Mix Series Vol. 2


A nice one for Spring time – created by Walrus friend Phil Conway.

{MP3} The Walrus Mix Series Vol. 2 (via Mediafire – limited time only).

Track list:

Morning Benders – “Excuses”
Javelin – “Intervales Theme”
Ruby Suns – “Cranberry”
Tanlines – “Real Life” (Memory Tapes Remix)
Fluffy Lumbers – “Cruisers”
Rainbow Bridge – “Big Wave Rider”
Woods – “The Dark”
Local Natives – “Airplane”
Ruby Suns – “Adventure Tour”
Keepaways – “Yellow Wings”
Wild Nothing -” Summer Holiday”
The Drums – “Let’s Go Surfing”
Javelin – “Susie Cues”
Air France – “Beach Party”
Billy Boyo – “One Spliff a Day”

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The Walrus Mix Series Vol. 1


Check it out — some dark shit. The first in a series. Download it below:

{MP3} The Walrus Mix Series Vol. 1 (via Mediafire – limited time only).


Solid Space – “A Darkness In My Soul”
Cosmetics – “Soft Skin”
Led Er Est – “Laredo’
Xynn – “Isolated Brain”
Dark Day – “Hands in the Dark”
Land of Giants – “Cannibal Dolls”
White Car – “Not Right”
Portishead – “Chase the Tear”
Fan Death – “Reunited”
Coldreams – “Morning Rain”
Active Child – “Wilderness”
Talk Normal – “In a Strangeland”
Fontan – “Early Morning”
Tantra – “The Hills of Katmandu”

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Friday (Sad) Fun: NPR’s Valentine’s Day Break-Up Mix


Bummer. Unless you are single…then, who gives a shit right? Mwahahaha!

The mix features songs from Shop Assistants, Split Enz and Beck.

Stream it HERE.

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Listen to DJ Food’s “More Volts: The Funky Eno” Mix


In the late ’70s and especially in the early  ’80s with The Talking Heads, Brian Eno created some far out sounds his own loose and unique mixture of James Brown grooves and African rhythms (see his own Before and After Science and The Talking Heads’ Remain in Light, which he produced).

Now DJ Food has put together what he calls “an hour long trip through the funked-up side of Brian Eno’s output since the 70’s. Expect David Bryne, nonsense verse, Talking Heads, The Grid and a whole lot of slap bass.” And guess what? It’s so weird and funky that it will surely stink up your browser and cause you to have spasms.



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FREE Minimal Wave Mix From Stones Throw and Veronica Vasicka


The Queen of Minimal Wave and East Village Radio DJ, Veronica Vasicka has created this superb mix for record label Stones Throw featuring great synth form the ’70s and ’80s. It’s a free podcast download and a precursor to the label’s upcoming Minimal Wave Tapes – a collection of underground DIY electronic music – due out in January.

Get the mix now on iTunes.

Tracklist after the jump:


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New MP3: Memory Tapes – “Walk Me Home”


Created for, this new 17 minute instrumental track from Memory Tapes is the soundtrack to your haunted Halloween.

{MP3} Memory Tapes – “Walk Me Home”

More Tapes stuff after the jump…


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Free Mix From Urban Outfitters


UO is offering up some cool tracks including Walrus favs The XX, Kurt Vile, The Big Pink and A Place to Bury Strangers. Download it from iTunes (direct link)

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Art in the Age Mixtape Series Curated By Yours Truly

Indeed, I have begun lending mixtape making services to a new weekly series Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction blog (AITA is a local philly brand specializing in artist created clothing and fine home goods). I will also be contributing mp3 and video picks, as well as a series on album art. So be sure to check it out…

Listen to the Art in the Age Mixtape #1

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Rapper D-Nice Makes An Awesome Mix For New Movie The Wackness

As you guys may have noticed, I’m not the biggest fan of Hip-Hop, er new Hip-Hop at least. So when I spotted this old school mixtape by D-Nice, one time member of the brilliant group Boogie Down Productions, over at GvB, I had to give it a spin. Just reading the tracklist got me excited. Produced for the new film The Wackness, a story about sex, drugs and music set in the year 1994, the mix features classics from BDP, Black Moon, and Craig Mack (he also throws in a Lou Reed curveball). It’s like 9th grade all over again! Love it. Here’s the tracklist and link to the download:

1. Intro (Heath Brothers – Smiling Billy Suite)
2. Nas – “One Love”
3. The Notorious BIG – “The What” Feat. Method Man
4. Lou Reed – “Walk On The Wild Side”
5. A Tribe Called Quest – “Can I Kick It”
6. KRS-One – “I Can’t Wake Up”
7. Stanley Turrentine – “Sister Sanctified”
8. BDP – “My Philosophy”
9. Black Moon – “How Many Emcees”
10. O.C. – “Time’s Up”
11. Craig Mack – “Flavor In Ya Ear”
12. Group Home – “Supa Star”
13. Biz Markie – “Just A Friend”
14. Freddie Scott – “(You) Got What I Need”
15. Wendy Rene – “After Laughter (Comes Tears)”
16. Wu-Tang Clan – “Tearz”
17. Ahmad Jamal Trio – “I Love Music”
18. Nas – “The World Is Yours”

MP3 Download: D-Nice – The Wackness Official Movie Soundtrack Mixtape (33 MB)

The official soundtrack is available on Amazon.

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