The “Real” Beach Boy’s SMiLE To Be Released This Summer?


In a new interview, Beach Boy Al Jardine mentioned this small bit of news:

“Capitol Records plans to issue a Beach Boys version of Smile sometime this summer to begin the celebration of The Beach Boys’ anniversary. Smile is the Holy Grail for Beach Boys’ fans, so it will be good.”

“I don’t have many details on it, although we didn’t do any new recording. I’m happy to see it finally come out.  Brian’s changed his mind about releasing the material, but it was inevitable, wasn’t it? (Al chuckles).”

Say whaaaa? Yes, we have the Brian Wilson Band/Van Dyke Parks collaboration that became SMiLE 2004, which re-worked the sessions into a fleshed-out, more coherent, 3-movement album. However, a re-mastered collection of all the original session would be amazing.


Learn the full story of The Beach Boys’ great “lost” masterpiece, SMiLE, here.

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