Venom Asks If You Wanna Hear Something That’s Gonna Kick Your Balls Off?

Sir Siltbreeze knows how to make me laugh. All he has to do is put his copy of Venom – Live on the turntable. Normally I wouldn’t go for a black metal album, but this one is special. In 1986, Venom played a show at New Jersey’s City Gardens with Black Flag. Apparently a brilliant Black Flag roadie (Joe Cole) recorded Venom’s entire set but cut the songs and kept only the between song banter by Venom frontman, Cronos. What is left is a collection of hilarious one-liners, stereotypical black metal guitar intros and outros, and an amazing recording captured for posterity by Ecstatic Peace Records.

High Fives to WFMU for posting this mp3 as this recording is a rare diamond in the rough.

Venom – Live at City Gardens

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