Watch the New Documentary On The Late Electronic Composer Milton Babbitt


The late Milton Babbitt was a serial composer born in Philadelphia, who went on to revolutionize American music education and later became interested in electronic music. He was hired by RCA in the 1950s as consultant composer to work with their RCA Mark II Synthesizer and produced the seminal, groundbreaking work Composition for Synthesizer. Lucky for us, NPR has just premiered a new documentary surveying his career:

The American composer and teacher Milton Babbitt died Saturday, Jan. 29 at age 94. For years, New York-based journalist and filmmaker Robert Hilferty had been constructing a documentary on Babbitt. It was a quirky, loving look at a man regarded by many as a composer of “difficult” music. Hilferty left the film unfinished when he died in 2009. Composer and former Babbitt student Laura Karpman has now completed Hilferty’s film. And she has graciously placed its premiere on NPR Music.

Watch the documentary for free HERE.

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